Dropshipping in Creaciones Meng, S.L.

Creaciones Meng, wants to go a step further and help as much as possible to its customers, so we are going to introduce dropshipping as another format to serve orders.

So you, as customers of Creaciones Meng, will be able to place the order that your customer needs, so that we can serve it in the address that your customer indicates.

In the observations of the order we will have to put the address of your client, if they do it by our web, if it is an order that is doing the commercial will be the one who will have to tell you the address where they want that merchandise is sent.

For the postage we will follow the same guidelines as in the conditions of sale, depending on the delivery address of the order will have its particular conditions, for postage due or postage paid.

Minimum order to serve:

  • 1.- Peninsula: 200 euros and postage is due.
  • 2.- Balearic Islands: 300 euros and postage is due.
  • 3.- Canary Islands: 700 euros and the postage is due.
  • 4.- Ceuta and Melilla: 500 euros and postage is due.
  • 5.- Portugal: 500 euros and the postage is due.
  • 6.- Morocco: 700 euros and the postage is due.
  • 7.- France: 700 Euros and postage due.
  • 8.- Italy: 700 Euros and postage is due.
  • 9.- England: 1000 euros and the postage is due.

Minimum order for carriage paid:

  • 1.- Peninsula: 350 euros.
  • 2.- Balearic Islands: 500 euros.
  • 3.- Canary Islands: 1500 euros.
  • 4.- Ceuta and Melilla: 700 euros.
  • 5.- Portugal: 700 euros.
  • 6.- Morocco: 1500 euros.
  • 7.- France: 1500 euros.
  • 8.- Italy: 1500 euros.
  • 9.- England: 2500 euros.


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