Terms of sale


Minimum order to serve:

1.-Mainland Spain: 200 Euros and the postage is due.
2.-Balearic Islands and Portugal: 300 Euros and the postage is due.
3.-Canary Islands: 700 Euros and the postage is due.
4.-Ceuta and Melilla: 500 Euros and the postage is due.
5.-Portugal: 500 Euros and the postage is due.
6.-Morocco: 700 Euros and the postage is due.
7.-France: 700 Euros and the postage is due.
8.-Italy: 700 Euros and the postage is due.
9.-England: 1000 Euros and the postage is due.

Minimum order for freight paid:

1.-Mainland Spain: 350 Euros.
2.-Balearic Islands: 500 Euros.
3.-Canary Islands: 1500 Euros
4.-Ceuta and Melilla: 700 Euros
5.-Portugal: 700 Euros
6.-Morocco: 1500 Euros
7.-France: 1500 Euros
8.-Italy: 1500 Euros
9.-England: 2500 Euros



Dropshipping in Creaciones Meng, S.L.

Creaciones Meng, wants to go a step further and help as much as possible to their customers, so we are going to introduce dropshipping, as a format to serve orders, for which we must receive your order which must always be more than 200 euros to prepare and send it to your end customer.

They must comply with the minimum orders for postage paid, otherwise orders that do not arrive will have to pay the postage to destination.


Shipping conditions, as well as merchandise returns, are subject to our Sales department and, failing that, to our commercial agents.

Before making a return of any merchandise, request its acceptance by calling our sales department.

Product returns will not be accepted after 15 days from receipt.

Creameng S.L. is completely at your disposal for any questions or concepts that you want.

To contact this firm, you can do so through normal commercial channels, either through our commercial agents or directly with our company at:

Creaciones Meng SL
P.O. Box: 37
Poligono Ind. "El carrascot", Av. del Vimen nº12,
46850 - OLLERIA in Valencia - Spain
CIF: B/46093811
Telf: 96 220 09 67
Fax: 96 220 18 21

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